Monday, June 26, 2006

WiFi Pie in the Sky?

from Engadget:
Boeing looking to sell/scrap Connexion?: After several years of unsuccessfully attempting to coax people into surfing the Internet for a fee instead of sleeping during their international flights, it looks like Boeing has finally given up and started seeking buyers for its Connexion service, according to sources cited by the Wall Street Journal (subscription required, as usual).
I'm really disappointed to hear this, though surely it's a matter of time before it's standard on long-haul at the very least. A wave of WiFi-equipped mobile phone devices seems to be coming for the business market, and if Brain Training and the Nintendo DS lite pushes little WiFi handhelds into a few million exec pockets we can all forget about the terrible in-flight gaming options that the airlines provide, and do something more interesting instead. The big limiter for my in-flight WiFi use was battery power and the lack of a power socket in Tourist Class, not the $27 fee.

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