Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Year Adventures

2006 is barely five days old but somehow it feels much older. Perhaps it's because Christmas was a blur of various family visits, brief returns home, endless festive meals, gift-giving and glass-raising. In any case I've been back at University for only two days and I'm off on a foreign teaching trip for the first time in almost four years. In previous times it was Singapore where the department franchised various courses; now it's Hong Kong, and my first visit to the New Territories. Though I'm anticipating enjoying HK I'm far from looking forward to the long haul. My iPods are charged, and in 8 hours or so I'll be in Munich for a 12 hour Lufthansa flight; I may even post from there, WiFi willing. I'm staying at the Metropark in Causeway Bay HK (if anyone wants to hook up), and I'm expecting that the complimentary Internet access in the rooms will make my 12 nights there fairly productive in terms of online posting. Watch this space, and my Flickr photostream for updates.

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