Sunday, November 06, 2005

Insane Artists

Berlin artists use parasitic Mac mini in Subway:
A group of artists in Berlin have released a movie of a suction cup equipped suitcase which contains a Mac mini, a digital projector, and a battery power supply. They stuck the suitcase on the side of the subway and projected images in the subway tunnels as the train was moving.
Woah, hold it right there.. Having watched the video showing what they did I'm astonished that they're still alive. In London they would have been shot dead before they could say "But officer, I have an Arts Council Grant". Let's get this straight: A guy walks into a subway and fixes a metal case to the side of a tube train. People get onto the train and it pulls out of the station. No-one stops the guy, and he leaves the subway. This would seriously make me think more than twice about the safety of using the subway, and someone ought to be fired for letting it happen. Unless it's all a ruse of course, and the subway are in on the act. Would that make it less interesting artistically?

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Blogger Dan said...

I think the German directness would have taken care of this. In London everyone would be looking out of the corner of their eye trying to ignore it hoping someone will raise the alarm. In Berlin someone would want to know what they are doing, challenge them if they didn't like there maybe some debate but either way it would be out in the open. Plus the Ubahn is not as deep and dark as the Tube, it's much nicer.

10:32 AM  
Blogger Robert Sharl said...

I'm sure you're right Dan. It seems though that this guy wasn't questioned, stopped, challenged, etc. I'm glad the Ubahn is nicer than the Tube, but I still don't want to die there :-)

2:29 PM  
Blogger flyingrock said...

dig and you'll see that this is from the same class and university at the same time that the students behind this viral clip were in:

1:34 PM  

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