Thursday, September 15, 2005

A few updates

It's been a few days since I posted last, so I thought I'd try to roll a number of things together in this entry. Here goes:

1. The iPod nano continues to behave beautifully (and Maria's ordered hers now, in white), though my Apple In-Ear Headphones have mysteriously given up the ghost. Actually it's even more mysterious than that, as they seem to have lost all power, producing about 20% of their usual volume levels. Surely both ears couldn't have become identically blocked at precisely the same moment, and my ears aren't that waxy. A trip to the Genius Bar tomorrow, methinks.

2. The New Researchers Day at which I presented yesterday threw up a few useful things, including an excellent session from textile designer & fashion lecturer Zoe Hillyard which focused on hand knitting in Peru. Zoe recently spent 3 weeks in Andean villages and has some real insights into how traditional producers work without the centralised structured networks of the UK industry and without anything resembling a precise pattern for the garment. A conference on emerging models for networks and e-commerce would bite her hand off to get this stuff onstage, and I'm going to be coaxing her to chat on Radio Usergland.

3. Fellow presenter David Osbaldestin continues to update the Business As Usual project; the gallery has some excellent new submissions, and David's published the properly-formatted version of the Ronnie Chance article which I authored (plus the mysteriously-added paragraph, but you can't have everything). That you probably need to be some sort of designer to participate is a problem which remains, and I'm keen for David to do something about that soon. I might even lend a hand.

4. Amongst everything else tomorrow (breakfast meeting with DO, check in my headphones at the Apple Store, catch up on a number of outstanding emails, attempt to catch Wolf Creek at the cinema, collect daughter from school) I really want to pin down what I'll be offering to final year Undergraduate students this year. I'm intending it to be two linked 16-week programmes connecting some of the dots between areas like transformative technologies, virtual environments, digital products, community and social networks. Already the map is turning into a sprawl, and I'm feeling like a low-rent Buckminster Fuller. I'll see if I can shape it up tomorrow.
[UPDATE: While the cause of my In-Ear Heaphones losing volume remains a mystery, I'm delighted by the service at the Apple Store. They didn't even test them, simply trusted me that I wasn't going mad and replaced them with shiny new ones. This is why they're doing so well, and why some third-party resellers are whining their way towards bankruptcy.]

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Thanks for the link. I see you have a busy schedule today. Good luck with the headphones!


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