Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Future of Web Apps Summit

A quick posting from the Future of Web Apps Summit in Kensington, as I take advantage of the complimentary WiFi access. Already the hall is filling up, the event is sold out and there are 820 delegates. The seats are packed closely together, so I guess we'll be making some new friends. I guess Joshua Schachter is the hero/anti-hero of the day, depending upon how you feel about Yahoo. Hopefully we'll be hooking up with some people we know here and sharing ideas, and I'll post any interesting pics to the Flickr stream (UPDATE: Check out Mike Priddy's stream and follow the FOWA tags for more). It's a long day ahead.
UPDATE: I've been taking notes during the speakers so far and posting them pretty much live at our emerging internal notes blog. Check it out for fairly good notes from the presentations by Joshua Schachter (, Cal Henerson (Flickr), Tom Coates (Yahoo), David Heinemier Hanson (37 Signals/Ruby on Rails), and Shaun Inman (Mint). More to come, I hope.

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