Friday, August 04, 2006

On train, new phone.

Well my K610i arrived this morning and my initial impressions are good. The integrated blogger support is excellent with the camera software initially creating a new blog but blogger letting you switch posting to any existing site easily, and merging the posts you've already made. The camera seems faster than the Nokia 6280 I've been using (actually, everything seems faster) and the mail client seems more functional. The keys are pretty close together though which makes typing a bit harder for my sausage thumbs, but I'm hoping I'll get accustomed to it. There's a lot to like. On a more negative note the phone isn't unlocked as the ebay merchant claimed, and getting it unlocked today has proved impossible. More on that later. For now I've resorted to a prepay 3 network sim card in order to test it out. This makes testing some of my usual accounts problematic, and means getting used to the new network services at the same time. It's a pity 3 is so behind in offering cheap and flexible Internet access, or I might just have switched over. As it is I'll be trying much harder to get this unlocked tomorrow; I'd hate to have to give up on this phone just because the evil networks don't want us to move around.

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