Sunday, December 04, 2005

Remix Culture and the Singularity

As I write I'm travelling to Broadstairs for a lecture I'm giving at Christchurch & Canterbury University on the Digital Media programme there (by the time I post it'll be over, and I'll post an update). Garrett Lynch, who was a student of mine many moons ago teaches there, and we've finally managed to organise my visit around everything else that's happening. I've been asked to talk about my research, which I guess means the Transformative Technology paper from Prague that Mike Priddy and I are working up into a book chapter (18 days to go, so I'm hoping this lecture will speed things up on that front too). How am I planning to relate this to new media, and to new ways of thinking around existing forms? During the session I'd like to kick-start some thinking about the new kinds of things that will emerge from dramatic shifts in technological progress, and specifically on the art and new media fronts. This is quite a challenge for most undergraduate students (imagining the future is hard, even for digital natives), and it might be easier to get there by looking at some of the things that, to my mind, signpost the approach of such shifts. For the most part, the obvious examples fall under the oft-maligned Web 2.0 banner, as they combine important aspects of People, Personalisation, Network, Software As A Service, Modularity, Distribution, and the Web of Things. This wasn't intended to become a definitive list, but it might serve as a seven-point checklist for starting students thinking about how they might transform their projects, and their thinking.

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