Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I'm in London for the Future of Web Apps conference. Ryan Carson's onstage now giving everyone the lowdown on how things work this year. Networking seems to be the order of the day, though the WiFi network is pay-for this year, and that's going to seriously limit the amount of live coverage online (a qualified 'boo' since I'm covered by my T-Mobile partner agreement with sponsors BT).

UPDATE: Ryan Carson has apologised for the lack of network, explaining that there's been a big technical problem and it's killed the chance of a free network for any part of the conference. The guy from BT's going to talk to someone and see if the pay network can be opened up. Considering how slow it's been today, that'll kill it outright..

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Blogger andy broomfield said...

Hi Rob

It all sounds interesting, I'd love to have gone, looking at some of the speakers there. Pity I'm currently boged down trying to get my head round nanotechnolgy with a mini crit on thursday.

Post some of your highlights online!

Andy B

8:51 PM  

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