Thursday, January 18, 2007


This week I met with Gregory Sporton, and we formally ended my affiliation with the Visualisation Research Unit, which he heads for UCE. While from my perspective this was long since a done deal it was still a poignant moment: I worked very closely with Gregory and Mike Priddy in establishing the unit under some very difficult conditions, and it consumed inordinate amounts of my emotional and mental resources for a considerable period of time. I'm still dealing with the ramifications of that. It was a valuable experience though, and some fun was had along the way, for which I'm grateful. I won't be rushing to invest quite so much of myself in an institutionally-led project for some time, I think.

2006 was filled with big, dramatic events. If I have a hope for 2007, it's that it brings a renewed emphasis on the small things which have too often managed to escape my attention. I'll continue of course to watch the developments at the VRU with interest and enthusiasm, and I'll most likely blog them here often.

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Crikey! So what do you do nowadays?


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